Today We Are Making….

This is a stop motion animation I have been working on for a project on moving image at university. The theme we were given was on Convergence/Divergence. I chose to look at the convergence of Ingredients.

I have created this animation to encourage children to learn how to cook and to eat healthily. I wanted to create it for a specific, high profile company, such as Waitrose.
The Waitrose product designs in this animation are only being used for academic purposes as I wanted to promote their qualities and ethos through my animation.

I made it using stop motion to give it that hand crafted quality. I didn’t want it to look crisp and  too precise, as cooking with children (and in general) can be a messy affair. I wanted you to feel like you were immersed in the the cooking process, watching the ingredients move in front of you. However Waitrose do strive for quality therefore I made sure  my illustrations were of a quality suitable for waitrose. “keep it simple, fresh and friendly. A mix of traditional and modern, but nothing too fussy.”   I feel that this comment from Heather Gatley (illustrator for Waitrose) sums up my animation nicely.

It was suggested at a tutorial that I should look into using a character  in the animation because it was for children and they would  possibly respond to this. However after some consideration I felt that a character was not needed. Waitrose don’t use  them in their work, they use real people. Therefore I felt that getting my niece to narrate the animation would make a younger audience appreciate it more as it was someone around their age who would be directing them through the process. Maybe If they heard a child their own age reading the instructions they would feel more confident that they could also prepare this recipe.

The narration is by my niece (11), sound effects were created by my Mum and I and all the drawings are hand drawn by myself.

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